Department of physics



” To be broadly perceived as a model of a powerful research and innovative exercises.”


To confer quality education both in hypothetical and experimental physics with unique accentuation on “Learning by Doing” for the improvement of society.


The Department of physics started in the year 2015 is to focus awaken the young minds and discover their talents in both theory and practical physics and it has well equipped Physics Laboratory.  The faculties of the department are highly competent, intellectual and devoted. We are conducting seminars and various competitions that encourage our students to gain more knowledge about the subject. Apart from that our students participated and won the prizes in various inter and intra-collegiate competitions.

we provide rigorous preparation of citizens whose career paths require expertise in physics. We are dedicated to rigorous standard of knowledge, research quality and professional behavior. We are committed to demonstrate science as a human endeavor and as a way to understand the natural world.

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