English department



“ To enlight the literary knowledge of students and to induce them to express their artistic intelligence. ”


To uplift students knowledge to explore the relationship between language, cultural sensitivity in the humanities and society.


Our English Department has established in 2005 with 2 staff representatives. Our department of English has been teaching literature and language since 2010. Graduate course was introduced in the year 2010 and it has strengthened its history by the highest standards of excellence with the number of 75.

In 2011, Post graduate course was introduced to the growing need of the students to learn literature with language. Now our department has exceeded the count of students as 220. The department runs successfully with the coordination of 13 faculty members.

Our staff is well qualified and experienced in analyzing, designing and implementing complex system in the changing scenario. Our faculties have published and presented papers at national and international conference. Department is working on outcome base teaching learning process. Our department has been organizing conference, workshop and competitions for knowledge uplift of the students. Our faculties bequeath flexible, friendly interactive and disciplined environment to enable the ability of each student. Our faculty members also exhibit keen interest in transforming the learners into competent individuals by equipping them with the perfect atmosphere of communication lab.

Our department has received 11 university ranks in graduation and post graduation category .3 University ranks in B.A English ,4 University rank in Part II English , 4 University ranks in Tamil and 2 University ranks in Hindi and 1 University rank in Post graduation category. Our department has succeeded the creativity in order to give students a better understanding of the larger world of literature and language.

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