Best Practice I

Motivate the Students to Learn and Speak our National Language :

The college motivates the students to understand the necessity to learn an additional language Hindi, which is our National Language. The department of Hindi make aware of all the first-year students about the writing and spoken skill in Hindi, for surviving in India.

Objective :

In this competitive world learning as a second language Hindi has its own advantages from job interviews to cracking board exams it is essential to master this language as it is the most common language of India and South Asia as well. The successful employability opportunities for students includes the skill on read, write and speak Hindi, which make them for effective survival in all over India. The college also takes initiatives to conduct spoken Hindi classes to staff members to enhance their additional language skill.



Best Practice II

Agricultural Career Guidance for Students :

The College is offering an agricultural career awareness and training for the students. It motivates the students’ career goals, educational plans, attitudes towards agricultural careers, and likelihood of enrolling in an agricultural major and working in an agricultural field, along with demographic information.

Objective :

  • Agricultural Career Guidance and training provides opportunities to learn basic agricultural skills and knowledge, occupation training and retraining and professional growth and development.
  • Agricultural Career Guidance and training is important in college because students learn ways to efficiently feed a burgeoning population and gain a better understanding of food production and distribution.