Software development cell

Software development cell was inaugurated on 24th July 2019. It gives a training to the student’s community to develop the software , app cloud maintenance training and technical development.

Software Development Cell Staff Members as follows

  1. Mr A.Kumaravadivelan , Asst Professor, Department of CS
  2. Mrs J.Lilly Roseline Mary, Asst Professor, Department of CS
  3. Ms A. Rubithra., Asst Professor, Department of CS

Software Development Cell Events 2019 onwards

1.Software Development Cell Inauguration on 24-07-2019 at our College

2.HANDS-ON WORKSHOP IN “PYTHON PROGRAMMING” On 02nd August 2019 at AV Hall -1 and Lab 1

3.Webinar on  Encouraging Learners Engaging in Remote Learning on 13th June- 2020 Saturday Through Zoom Platform and Facebook Live.

4.Webinar on Roadmap for Placement on 06-02-2021 Saturday At Exam Committee Hall and
Google Meet , Facebook live